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Sunday, February 21, 2010


Are you joking?

NeoBux is the very trusted PTC ever!
So that this PTC site is not a scam.
And the good thing here is they Paying Instantly

And here is the proof.
I request my Payments from NeoBux
February 20 and when i go to my PayPal
I receive it instantly!

This is the Best and Trusted PTC I promise!

If you want to register just Click Here.

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Of course TrekPay is not a scam PTC site,

And I can prove it to you.
I did request my Payments last February 11
and they paid me at February 18

This is what I've got from TrekPay

They only accepting PayPal account to receive your payments.
If you want to register just simply Click HERE. It's free.

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Friday, September 4, 2009


TrekPay will quickly become your steady earnings machine!

Everytime you spend a few minutes using their service
increases your earnings until you are making $200 per month.

You will love TrekPay! (It's always Free and so Easy to Do!)

Spend a few minutes on TrekPay for something you already
do for free. Why?... because now you can get paid for it!

If you need the money? This should be a no-brainer!

It's Free and Easy to do!

You are paid once a week to your PayPal account.


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* view a website for 5 to 45 seconds to earn money
* Up to $0.005 for each website you personally view
* Up to $0.0025 for each website your referrals view
* Payment request can be made every day and are processed through Alertpay and PayPal.
* The minimum payout is $7.99


* Receive quality unique visitors to your webpage.
* Each visitor will browse your site for at least 30 seconds.
* Possibility to show your ad to specific countries.
* Possibility to show banner ads and text links.
* Low prices and other features in return for Quality Traffic!
* NEW: Cheaper (5 Seconds) and Longer (45 Seconds)


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When you open a free account, you can click on the "Browse Ads" page from your members area and watch the available advertising on that page. Each link is worth of money so that You will accumulate money on a daily basis.

When you will have earned $2.00 You will be allowed to cash-out.

Gold Members earn $2.00 for each direct referral plus $1.50 (first level), then $0.50 (second level) and so on as shown on the right hand-side for indirect referral

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Monday, July 20, 2009


One of the most TRUSTED PTC site NEOBUX

Earn money just by viewing advertisements. Join this community in this advanced, innovating and user-friendly PTC site. Get paid instantly with instant

Earn up to $0.015 per click
Earn up to $0.01 per referral click
The minimum amount paid is $2.00 on the first cashout. This amount will increase by $1.00 for each cashout until it reaches a fixed minimum amount of $10.00.

Payments made to NeoBux using AlertPay are confirmed by your AlertPay email. Any payment made by another AlertPay email address will be referenced to the user that holds that account or, in the lack of a user, the payment will not be referenced.

Payments made to NeoBux using PayPal are only accepted from verified PayPal accounts. Payments made using unverified PayPal accounts won't be accepted.

This is the most trusted PTC site EVER! so I recommend to register here


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One of the most TRUSTED PTC site Palmbux

Palmbux pays you to view advertisements provided by their sponsors.

Earn up to $0.02 (2 cents) per click.
Earn up to $0.01 (1 cents) for every ad your referrals click.
The minimum cashout is $2 for standard and $2 for premium members. After the first cashout the cashout increases to $4 then $6 until $8

Pay and receive instantly, within seconds!

All payments will be made via AlertPay or PayPal. No other method of payment is available at this time.

This is one of the most trusted PTC site EVER! so I recommend to register here


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